Since I recently got a new follower (a rare honour) I bid them welcome and share an experience for them and for you all. First let me say that I make no secret of my relationship with God and am happy to relate to you what happened on Sunday evening last. It’s my habit to engage with the Sunday Morning Gatherings of Kingdom Talks, a group with whom I am involved on a voluntary basis (I write the accompanying show notes for their many online broadcasts comprising conversations with people from all walks of life, all sharing our core beliefs.)

This particular evening, which was morning for the show on location in Colorado Springs, the proceedings ran their course but of particular significance to me was a fairly short continuation section held over for any participants who wished to discuss further any of the content of the main presentation. This is a private Zoom meeting and consisted of, I think, about six people. The conversation turned at one point to a discussion about angels. One of us ( let’s call him John) related a story he had heard from a good source of how Bob Jones, an undisputed prophet, had once given a pocket knife to a young man as a gift. This was treasured over the years. While attending a conference he lost this gift in a hotel and did a fine-tooth comb job of looking everywhere for no avail. This was repeated over and again, this time enlisting the help of an angel. Finally, when there seemed to be no response, he shouted at the top of his voice, in a most uncharacteristic fashion “I WANT MY KNIFE BACK.” Instantly there was a dull sound of impact upon the bed he was in. It was his knife.

I’m not, as yet, a very angel savvy person although I totally believe in them but there suddenly came to me what I can only describe as an oracle. What I could clearly discern, not from any academic prowess but more as an impression, was that, although the event of the knife was undisputed among us, there was a further interpretation of it all. What I suggested was that since the word translated as “angel” originally carried the meaning of “messenger”, the knife angel’s message to us all is that when we finally come to the end of all our own efforts to see God’s purpose in our own pain and problems and, as our friend did, honestly give vent to our true feelings, then, we meet God at a deeper, more intimate level.

And Now The Conclusion.

The very next morning after this meeting I awoke with what I can only describe as a completely new attitude, view, understanding, relationship toward God. This story of the angel and the knife had been, for me and I can only hope for others, an oracle, a divine awakening to the omnipresence of God and to the inseparable relationship of love that we share. I ought to explain that from the very outset of embracing faith in Jesus many years ago, I was still afraid of God. There was a duality in my understanding of Him which manifested in tedious hours in prayer thinking that without all that I would be up the creek without a paddle. But, after the oracle from the angel, for the first time I can remember, I am at ease just as I am without religious observances and I feel a oneness with Him solely on the basis of what He has done for me and not anything I could ever do for Him.

Watch “Dr Kay Fairchild The Mind Brain Connections#105 Reality Of Our Divine Imagination &The Feel of Done” on YouTube

Watch “Dr Kay Fairchild The Mind Brain Connections#105 Reality Of Our Divine Imagination &The Feel of Done” on YouTube

Since I started this blog 3 years ago my understanding and relationship has deepened to the point where the concept of punishment at the hands of God is not even in the equation. He may discipline for our good but even then it is both in His love and a necessity and will always be a source of gratitude once the lesson is learned. God did not punish Jesus at the crucifixion. Jesus took our human identity, which for man is a mistaken one, and died AS us. Then he rose as the representative of a new man, a heavenly man inviting us, now that the lie of religion had been exposed in his death, to partake of the unity we ALL had with him, in God, from before the foundation of the world. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. …. but that was the lie, we forgot we were spirit beings from before time began, and we still are!

I Blog Forth Once More

Hi.I’ve been very busy in my new appointment so have neglected blogworld. Apologies. Finding that I have a new follower has spurred me into action even though I don’t feel any inspiration for it. Suffice it to say that life goes on and it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good….get my drift? I’ll simply subject you to a recommendation of my place of work where you will find more inspiration than I could hope to offer.


I think God must have thought I needed a bit of cheering up. Time after time today I’ve caught myself thinking some harmless, but absurd thing. I then, on all occasions burst out in hearty laughter…..I mean real belly laughter, the kind conceived by realising something which although harmless is of a quality that is more precious than gold. I just had to tell the Lord I thought he was fantastic. (I think he understands my use of understatement).


Some truth does take a good deal of perseverance to make it our experience. Don’t give up. Explore what is happening in your thinking and whether it corresponds to the truth you already know. The world is full of teachers, some good some bad but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Be humble. Be teachable and when you just know it’s the truth, follow at any cost. Likewise when you see a need for correction in your persuasions……Bite the bullet.