There is a two edged danger which, although extremely appealing, is subtle enough to strangle me in my waking.

The first of its faces is named nostalgia. She appears as an unfocussed cloud encapsulating all that never was as though it is.

The second, and more subtle,  under the name of Remeniscence, appears as that which was and is but is no more.

But there is he who is and who was and who is to come and who exposes fake news.

The Many Membered Body Under One Head.

Published by mick tulk

Iv`e had it up to here talking about just myself as I`ve just finished my autobiography. It`s called "ABSTRACT", and believe it or not, it`s about me ( among others whose names have been sensitvely altered ! ) But if I didn`t want to talk I wouldn`t be here would I? So go ahead....SHOOT.

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