Yesterday some of us, under the leadership of Mike Parsons, wherever we happened to be at noon, sent out a frequency of love to negate the frequency of fear which undoubtedly has gripped so many as a result of covid19. Just before noon I had been watching Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew’s broadcast where Dr Cindy Coates gave insight into God’s eternal covenant in Christ. When she got to unveiling the part at the end of the Book of Revelation that speaks of the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven adorned as a bride for her husband I was so impacted that I could tangibly feel the enveloping of my self into Christ as that “coming down” became a present experience. From there I happily released the frequency of love which I believe took immediate effect as a corporate act.

You’ll find the YouTube broadcast as “Healed Because God Said So” It’s dated (03-31-20) Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew. WBSITC

Dr Cindy’s comments on Rev.21:10,the New Jerusalem, are toward the end.

Published by mick tulk

Iv`e had it up to here talking about just myself as I`ve just finished my autobiography. It`s called "ABSTRACT", and believe it or not, it`s about me ( among others whose names have been sensitvely altered ! ) But if I didn`t want to talk I wouldn`t be here would I? So go ahead....SHOOT.

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