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Missed yesterday because I am not without sin. So What? Does that mean I don’t enjoy God’s favour no more??

It doesn’t matter in the least because God hasn’t changed from who He is the day before yesterday. It just means I couldn’t get my head around my new identity of son of God. It still takes a bit of practice to practise it but it’s more and more “my nature” to walk in my new nature “naturally” if ya get ma drift. I’m just lovin on Ephesians 2. from the Mirror Bible. Where, in some versions, verse 3 says “we were, by nature, children of wrath” the Mirror Bible translates that as “it was as if a twisted passion parented a universal breed of people”.

Through Jesus’ gospel we are untwisted, not perhaps immediately, but when we’ve thought through, sometimes very uncomfortably, the implications of the gospel, God leaves us (always with Holy Spirit’s nurturing) to work it out for ourselves. Bishop Dr. Bill Hanshew teaches that the word “believe” in scripture, when you trace it out, speaks of INTELLECTUAL FAITH.

Published by mick tulk

Iv`e had it up to here talking about just myself as I`ve just finished my autobiography. It`s called "ABSTRACT", and believe it or not, it`s about me ( among others whose names have been sensitvely altered ! ) But if I didn`t want to talk I wouldn`t be here would I? So go ahead....SHOOT.

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