You have to be taught to be that stupid

I was listening to a Sun interview with Douglas Murray online. He was bemoaning the Woke lot, and that faction of our universities that have to have a new agenda every day from trans to (whatever is the pet issue today). I’m not much for politics but I couldn’t help resonating with his criticisms of those who would break the bonds of repression aka the sensible restraints of a healthy and harmonious society. His quote was ” I mean, you really do have to be educated into that kind of idiocy, you have to be taught to be that stupid “.

Now, my point is this. To my mind, this is a mirror image of what it takes to have a true understanding of the gospel. Where informed stupidity is required for the intelligentsia, a similar teaching of abandon must be taught to Christian believers of a nominal persuasion, or anybody for that matter, in order for them to be able to let go of their lower thoughts and embrace the mind of Christ. It’s a sort of inverted parallel.

Published by mick tulk

Iv`e had it up to here talking about just myself as I`ve just finished my autobiography. It`s called "ABSTRACT", and believe it or not, it`s about me ( among others whose names have been sensitvely altered ! ) But if I didn`t want to talk I wouldn`t be here would I? So go ahead....SHOOT.

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