Just as it says here I feel I want to tell it just like it is and only now do I feel it’s right to do so.The reason is that it won’t, I’m guessing, sit well with a lot of people yet, conversely, will be no surprise to others. It’s about PRAYER . For the 50 years of my Christian experience I’ve been tied up in the regulation of having prayer to God first thing (after a cuppa) in the morning. On rare occasions when my routine was disturbed I rationalised that I had an excuse but always went back to the regimental practice. Only days ago I was listening to Apostle Brian Christian on WBSITC. (YouTube). There he was teaching about our misguided perceptions of time when it comes to God and how he is with us all the time. Not only that, he is also the architect of every day even before we start it. SO, THIS BEGS THE QUESTION… .Why pray then? (I can hear that not going down too well) but hear my 💓 here. If God has everything planned, every day, then surely we might be doing him a disservice by preempting his provision…even to the point of nullifying it! So, I’ve been making it a habit to deliberately NOT pray at all (except in tongues) and you know what? God is more real to me in a very real sense because I now enjoy the things which can be none other than his specific provision for me and which are eminently better than my “best” prayers. Comments? I’m a learner!

Published by mick tulk

Iv`e had it up to here talking about just myself as I`ve just finished my autobiography. It`s called "ABSTRACT", and believe it or not, it`s about me ( among others whose names have been sensitvely altered ! ) But if I didn`t want to talk I wouldn`t be here would I? So go ahead....SHOOT.

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